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Barter and Sons has moved as of 14/3/2016

Our new address is:

35 Felton St
Horsley Park NSW 2175

Phone number the same, farm hours the same.

We look forward to welcoming you there

City Families Are Doing Full Circle And Returning To The Hen House And Realising The Benefits Of Keeping Chickens In Their Backyard!

We are seeing an overwhelming interest and calls from families wanting to keep chickens. Most have fond memories of when they were kids and their parents or grandparents had chickens in the back yard. People and families or all ages are beginning to set up a chicken coop in the backyard again. Everyday we are talking to people looking to keep chickens and asking questions on how to go about it. Some just can’t quite remember the process and need a little refreshing; many are starting out and needing a little reassurance and advice. All want to produce their own fresh tasting food and recycle their scraps and create a little peck of kindness for their children along the way.

Eggs from backyard chickens are different from those bought at the store (even the 'free range' ones). The fresh yolks are tastier and deeper in colour, thanks to the hens' access to greens, not to mention bugs and other goodies they snatch up in their foraging. Needless to say, even when fenced out of the garden itself, they keep pest populations down. At season's end, turning the chickens loose in the vegie patch is a time-honoured way to clean it up and prevent pests from surviving over winter.

If you are not keen on having your chickens forage through the garden, they will live quite happily full-time in their coop or run.

We will show you how keeping chickens at home is made easy and provide you with everything you need to get you started!

Barter and Sons celebrates 79 years this year. We are a family run business that has seen many happy customers returning for the best layer hens bred naturally in a free-range environment. We can give advice on choosing the breed that best suits you, to take home as your new family addition. Our customers have always been families looking for chickens to keep in their backyard.

Our farm was specifically designed to produce hens for egg laying. We can give advice on choosing the breed that best suits you, to take home as your new family addition.

Our chickens are bred naturally in a free range environment. This means hens and roosters are able to move freely in large runs. This is only one of the many great reasons to buy your backyard chickens from us.

Tried and tested, our chickens have proven themselves for 79 years to be the best layers and quality breeds
Family friendly chickens
Great layers
Vaccinated to ensure healthy chickens (immunized)
Guaranteed hens from day old to point of lay
Pick up at the farm or we can freight them to you

Visit our hatchery and have a great day out at the same time!

Barter & Sons Hatchery is located in the small community village of Luddenham, a community known for its Christmas tree farms, best home grown strawberries and local fresh produce on its road side stalls.

Our property is located on 25 acres situated within close proximity to the M4, M5 and M7 motorways and has a magnificent backdrop of the famous Blue Mountains. The farm is situated on the highest point of Luddenham and shows off magnificent hillsides on both sides of the property.

We invite you to visit our hatchery during farm hours (on Saturdays and Sundays we provide incubators with full viewing areas so you can see our chickens hatch). Barter & Sons always encourages the kids to come along to the farm when you get your chickens. There are always baby chickens to hold and a lot for them to learn.

We can freight your chickens to you – All Sydney,  most parts of NSW, Canberra and Somerton in Melbourne (From $35). We do freight to other parts of Australia - please call us to find out more. You can order online or call us on (02) 9620 2555 to place your order.