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Fertile Chicken Eggs - Barter Brown Per EGG!

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Hatch Your Own Barter Brown Chickens From Fertile Eggs And Know Your Rooster From Your Hen Straight Away!

A point of difference to all the other fertile eggs on offer is that when these chicks hatch the hens are brown in colour and the roosters are white. This is called a 'colour sexable breed’. This way you can then know from the start how many hens you have and how many roosters.

The Barter Brown is one of our signature breeds that originates from a Rhode Island Red and White Leghorn cross that is now bred true. This breed is not as large as the pure breds. They have fantastic colouring and show a definite brown and white fleck in their feathers. Every hen has different markings, so you will always know who is who!

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