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Fertile Chicken Eggs

Hatch Your Own Chickens!

If you have an incubator and want to hatch your own chickens, then fertile chicken eggs for hatching can be the way to go - as long as you keep in mind that after hatching you would have half hens and half roosters! Although you won't know this for about 10 weeks till the comb on the head has began to develop and the bigger, longer combs are now tell-tale signs of roosters and your short, not much of a comb chicks will be your hens.

Have you got a “Broody Hen” and think fertile eggs are the go?

Did you know she only wants chicks? You can give her day old chicks and she will go off the nest and look after her new chick. She doesn’t actually have to sit on them and hatch eggs,  so day old chicks are a great alternative to the fertile egg because you know you have given her all female, all sexed and vaccinated day old chicks in the breed you want to raise!

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