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Silkies: Day Old Starting From

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  • Silkies: Day Old Starting From
  • Silkies: Day Old Starting From
  • Silkies: Day Old Starting From

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These Beautiful Cuddly Little Balls of Fluff Don't Just Look Cute, They Lay Egss Too!

AIt's thought that Silkie chickens originated in Asia and that Marco Polo brought them to the West in the 13th or 14th Century. They have been loved by families and children ever since! If you are a keen gardener, Silkies are opposite and don't tend to forage amongst your prized annuals and seedlings like other chickens.

Silkies are very unusual looking chickens. Their feathers are missing the barbules that hold them into the traditional rigid feather. Their feathers appear to look like hair.. They also have black skin, bones, five toes and feathers on their feet!

They are, however, very hard to sex and you usually only have a definite answer when they either start laying eggs or begin to crow! On the positive side, they are fairly quite and most of the time you won't even know they are there! Even the roosters don't crow as loudly or as often as other breeds, so your neighbours may not even know you have one!

Makes a great family pet
Great for children to raise
Extremely pacid nature, dociley
Requires little handling to tame
Lives well housed together
Gets on well with other breeds
Often low in the pecking order
Fair layer (3 to 4 eggs a week)
Very small cream to very light brown egg
(2 to 3 Silkie eggs equal one regular chicken egg)
Makes a good mother (known to go broody)
Will raise other chickens eggs
Hardy - suited to hot or cold climates
(Must be kept from getting wet in stormy weather)

NOTE: Chickens take time to hatch and grow. To make sure we do not have overcrowding or unwanted stock, we hatch according to anticipated demand. For this reason some ages or even breeds may not be available all the time. The available ages are clearly indicated below in the “Choose Your Chickens Age” dropdown box.


Although you can order Silkies from our website, they are not part of our normal breeding stock and are provided directly by our good friends Billy and Collette.

If you have any questions relating to Silkies, please call Billy or Collette on (02) 4773 3220.

Siliies are shipped Unsexed and Un-Vaccinated.

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