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Meat Chickens - Day Old (Unsexed)

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Nothing Beats The Taste Of Fresh, Home-Grown Organic Chicken!

For families wishing to produce their own chicken meat for the table, knowing that their chicken is free-range, organic or grain fed, this is for you!

Day olds are available unsexed but must be ordered in advance;

Day old to fully-grown or processing time is 46 to 52 days.

The chickens should be started on chicken starter crumble as day olds to 3-5 weeks, then moved to chicken grower to reach the desired weight.

NOTE: Chickens take time to hatch and grow. To make sure we do not have overcrowding or unwanted stock, we hatch according to anticipated demand. For this Meat Chickens may not be available all the time. Availability is clearly indicated below in the “Choose Your Chickens Age” dropdown box.

NOTE: Day old meat chickens are fully vaccinated.

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