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Chicken Worm Treatment (Piperazine)

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Don't Let Worms Reduce The Number Of Eggs Your Chickens Can Give You!

Used For:

  • Treatment of Round Worms (Ascaridia Galli).


  • Kills round worms
  • Safe to use on your chickens if used in accordance with directions
  • No withholding period, so you can continue to eat your eggs

Health Impact And Diagnosis:

Young chickens are most commonly affected and the presence of worms may be indicated by some of the following symptoms:

  • poor growth or decreased egg production
  • all white chicken droppings (normal chicken droppings should be brown and white)
  • loss of appetite
  • emaciation, weakness, ruffled appearance, drooping wings
  • diarrhoea, sometimes bloodstained
  • anaemia (indicated by a pale comb)

NOTE: The above is only a general guide to symptoms. If the health of your chickens does not improve quickly after treatment, consult your veterinarian.


  • Mixed in the drinking water according to the directions on the product
  • Worming should be started at 7 weeks old and repeated 4 times a year, throughout their life. An easy way to remember when to worm and to know when you last wormed your chickens, is to worm at thechange of each season (start of winter, spring, autumn and summer)
  • If you suspect your chickens have worms follow up the initial treatment in 2 weeks in case of any eggs the chickens may have had unhatched in their gut

NOTE: Above application method is only a guide - always follow the directions on the product

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