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Chicken Moulting Aid (VetaFarm)

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If You Were Losing Your Feathers, You'd Want Some Of This Stuff Too!

Used For:

  • Supporting your chickens during the nutritionally demanding moulting period
  • All year round maintenance supplement for your chickens with great results


  • Particularly effective during the moult when the demand for specific amino acids is increased
  • Specifically formulated to aid in the strong development of healthy, vibrant plumage and relieve nutritional strain on moulting chickens
  • The proteinated (chelated) minerals in Moulting Aid are formulated to make them readily water-soluble and easily absorbed from the gut
  • With luck your egg production won't be too hard hit

Health Impact And Diagnosis:

  • During the period of moulting, egg production may reduce or even stop altogether. The science behind this behaviour is quite simple in that the process of moulting and replenishing of new feathers is very energy-demanding on the chicken. The chicken, in an attempt to conserve its’ strength and have enough reserves to cope throughout the moult, may put it's egg-laying on hold
  • Some of your chickens may become almost bald and many look like they've had a fight with a pair of shears – and lost!
  • Most chicken breeds and even Heinz 57 varieties will experience a period of moulting. Occurring from about 1 year old, this annual (sometimes more often) event really is no more than an attempt to replace any old feathers, and it usually happens over a 4-6 week period around about late summer/autumn time. For the chicken, it’s no big deal

NOTE: The above is only a general guide to symptoms. If the health of your chickens does not improve quickly after treatment, consult your veterinarian.


  • Mixed in the chickens drinking water for 3 to 5 days a week during the moulting period

Pack Size: 100ml

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