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Chicken Lice & Mite Powder (Pestene)

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Keep Those Nasty Itching Insects At Bay!

Used For:

  • Treatment of lice and mites on your chickens or in your coop. Lice and Mites can compromise the immune system and can cause anaemia.


  • Kills lice and mites
  • Safe to use on and around your chickens if used in accordance with directions
  • No withholding period, so you can continue to eat your eggs

Health Impact And Diagnosis:

Young birds are most commonly affected and the presence of lice may be indicated by some of the following symptoms:

  • decreased egg production
  • feather loss (usually on the back because your chicken may overpreen and pluck her own feathers in an attempt to get relief)
  • sometime the skin is irritated and red
  • anaemia (indicated by a pale comb)

NOTE: The above is only a general guide to symptoms. If the health of your chickens does not improve quickly after treatment, consult your veterinarian.


  • Apply every 2 to 3 months or when needed
  • Sprinkle liberally through feathers and work into skin
  • Tip powder under the chickens perches and nesting boxes

NOTE: Above application method is only a guide - always follow the directions on the product

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