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Chicken Energy Supplement (Spark Liquid Concentrate)

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Help Your Chickens Recover On Those Hot Summer Days!

Used For:

  • Rehydration during periods of:
    • extreme heat during hot summer temperatures,
    • stress, or
    • illness
  • Ideal supplement to give your chicks after they have been freighted to you!


  • Spark Liquid Concentrate is a blend of body salts and readily absorbed energy in a liquid format
  • The perfect addition to the First Aid kit of the chicken keeper
  • Provides energy and electrolytes to assist in fast hydration of your chickens or in times of extreme heat during hot summer temperatures
  • Ideal first aid supplement for sick, stressed or injured chickens
  • Ideal to relieve stress and support chickens during transportation or during showing
  • Will increase vigour and vitality in chickens on show
  • No withholding period, so you can continue to eat your eggs

Health Impact And Diagnosis:

  • Dehydration has serious effects on all body systems. Severe dehydration may lead to kidney and circulation shut down.

NOTE: The above is only a general guide to symptoms. If the health of your chickens does not improve quickly after treatment, consult your veterinarian.


  • Mixed in the chickens drinking water
  • In very hot conditions, eg when the temperature exceeds 38°C, Spark should be given in the normal drinking water as the chickens will be losing large amounts of fluid via their respiration

Pack Size: 125ml

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