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Chicken Coccidiosis Treatment (Coccivet)

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Effective Treatment For This Nasty Poo-Dwelling Disease Causing Parasite!

Used For:

  • Treatment of Coccidiosis. Coccidiosis is a poultry disease caused by a microscopic animal or protozoa that is transmitted by direct and indirect contact with the droppings of infected chickens.


  • Has much better activity against parasites than Sulphur treatments
  • Completely safe and very effective
  • Mixes easily in water

Health Impact And Diagnosis:

Birds of almost any age may be affected, but problems are not common in chicks under three weeks of age because the parasites take time to build up in sufficient numbers to cause problems. Affected chickens exhibit:

  • depression
  • loss of condition
  • paleness of the comb
  • ruffled feathers
  • drooping wings
  • pale and dry flanks
  • diarrhoea
  • blood in the droppings
  • slight whitish soiling around the vent (only occasionally)

NOTE: The above is only a general guide to symptoms. If the health of your chickens does not improve quickly after treatment, consult your veterinarian.


  • Coccivet should not be mixed with other products
  • Mixed in the drinking water according to the directions on the product
  • Treat all birds continuously for 5 - 7 days. Remove all other sources of drinking water during treatment.
  • Repeat treatment as required.

NOTE: Above application method is only a guide - always follow the directions on the product

Pack Size: 50ml

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