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Chicken Feeder - 5kg

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Make Sure Your Young Chickens Have Enough Feed!

Plastic feeders are suited for all chicken sizes. In using this feeder, you simply pour in the feeds through the top opening of the cone. As it fills the plastic tray which is attached at the bottom of the cone, the chickens can the feed from it. Modern and well designed - what more do you need?


  • Wide base
  • Feeding holes to reduce wastage
  • Feed flows to the bottom nicely
  • By adjusting the dispenser rate, not so much feed sits in the tray, avoids wastage, and will suit different types of feed
  • Easy to see how much feed has been taken and when to refill
  • Can be hung from top of coop
  • Hygienic and easy to strip down and clean
  • Plastic bright and attractive
  • Light weight - easy to fill and empty

Great for:

  • This feeder suits 8 week to 12 week old chicks
  • Allow for one feeder for every 12 chicks


  • 5kg capacity
  • 26cm high x 37cm wide

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