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Chicken Drinker - 12 Litre

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Make Sure Your Adult Chickens Can Get To The Water!

Larger chickens have a real time of it when it comes to getting their heads inside the 'mushroom' drinkers and a larger, more sturdier drinker is required. A wider rim is essential for the hens to get to plus the volume of water they need is far greater throughout the day than the smaller birds or chicks. if you work through the day you need to know that your chickens are going to have access to clean water all day long.

This drinker is perfect for older chickens. 10 weeks old to hens will cope with this size. Save on updating drinkers as your chickens grow!

We recommend allowing 500ml of water for each chicken/day in the height of summer. Less in cooler months. Allow extra for evaporation in summer. Chickens drink a lot so this will save refilling your drinker too often.


  • Wider rim
  • Wide base
  • Can be hung from top of coop
  • Easy to see how much water has been taken and when to refill
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Light weight - easy to fill and empty
  • Will only allow as much water as is needed. No flood worries and no 'thirst' worries either - that's got to be a win win situation!

Great for:

  • This drinker suits 8 weeks to adult
  • Allow for one drinker for every 12 chickens


  • 12 Litre capacity
  • 32.5cm high x 27cm wide

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