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Chicken Feed - Shell Grit

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Make Sure Your Chickens Can Properly Digest Their Food!

In order to digest their food correctly, chickens require fine grit. Of course, chickens don't have teeth so they use this grit to grind down their food.

Inside the the chickens digestive system, food is mixed with acids and digestive enzymes. Grit accumulates in the gizzard, which with a strong muscular action, grinds the food down. So to digest their food correctly, chickens need insoluble grit.


  • Contains significant levels of calcium - essential to a laying bird’s diet to ensure quality egg production
  • Sits in the bird’s ‘crop’ for a sustained length of time - aiding crop digestion and ‘slowly releasing’ calcium into the bird’s digestive system to aid in the production of good quality shells.

Grit needs to be placed close to the hen’s other feed sources as a hen will self-regulate their own grit intake as they require it.

Bag Size: 7.5kg.

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