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Chicken Coop - "Barter Royal Run Deluxe"

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  • Chicken Coop - \"Barter Royal Run Deluxe\"
  • Chicken Coop - \"Barter Royal Run Deluxe\"
  • Chicken Coop - \"Barter Royal Run Deluxe\"
  • Chicken Coop - \"Barter Royal Run Deluxe\"
  • Chicken Coop - \"Barter Royal Run Deluxe\"
  • Chicken Coop - \"Barter Royal Run Deluxe\"
  • Chicken Coop - \"Barter Royal Run Deluxe\"
  • Chicken Coop - \"Barter Royal Run Deluxe\"
  • Chicken Coop - \"Barter Royal Run Deluxe\"
  • Chicken Coop - \"Barter Royal Run Deluxe\"

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Your Chickens Will Be Right At Home In This Royal Coop!

This is a great looking rectangular chicken coop that caters for between 4 and 6 chickens, and is very easy to move around your backyard.


  • Aluminum Frame - Aluminum is much lighter than steel which means less strain for you to move your coop around your yard. Also, unlike steel or timber, aluminum will not rust or deteriorate in the weather. You can be rest assured that your coop will be looking just as great in many years time.
  • Summer Ventilation - The housing section of the coops have a wire mesh ventilation area (11 cm wide) to allow the breeze to flow through this area of the coop. You’ll find your chickens sitting comfortably on the cool ground beneath the housing section on a hot summer day.
  • Open Floor Design - The coops have an open floor design to allow your chickens to scratch up the soil beneath the coop, enjoying fresh weeds, seeds and bugs.
  • Handles for Mobility - The coops come with two sets of handles. In order to move your coop, fold out the handles, lift the coop slightly off the ground (so the chickens stay safely inside) and move to a fresh area in your backyard. (Wheels are an optional extra outlined below).
  • Three-way access - The coops have two latched doors at both ends of the coop to allow easy access to the laying boxes as well as to supply fresh water and food for your chickens. The hinged roof also opens for extra flexibility - makes catching your chickens, if needed, a whole lot easier!
  • Laying box & wooden roosts - All coops come with a quality wooden laying box - all you need to do is add the straw! Three wooden perches are also provided (where the chickens sleep for the night).
  • Small-sized galvanized mesh - The coops have been made using small sized steel mesh (with 2.5cm squares). This strong mesh is difficult for both children and foxes to damage.


  • 2.85m long, 0.9m wide and 0.7m high
  • 1 x wooden laying box included
  • 3 x wooden perches included

Optional Upgrades:

  • Wheels - The coop can be fitted with wheels. These are located midway along the coop and can be raised into the moving position when needed. You will find that these coops are a breeze to move.
  • Weather Shields - To further enclose the coop in the colder months, you can purchase weather shields that fit over the ventilation areas of the coop. This includes rectangle shields that fit over the side ventilation areas as well as inside the coop to further enclose the housing section.
  • Fox Proof Floor - If foxes or dogs are a problem, you can purchase an wire mesh floor for your coop. The large sized mesh floor (with 15cm x 20cm rectangles) still enables your chickens to scratch the soil and at the same time gives you peace of mind about their safety overnight.
  • Colorbond - The coops are also available using Colorbond materials for the walls and enclosed door, with the remaining materials made from Zincalume. Colorbond colours to choose from are Cottage Green, Pale Eucalypt and Wilderness.
  • Drinker and Feeder Set - These great slim-line sets are designed specifically for use on this coop. They will save you time, money and hassles feeding your chickens.
  • Delivery Insurance - This covers the replacement or repair of your coop if damaged in transit (recommended).
  • Additional Laying Box - One wooden laying box is provided which is adequate for up to 6 chickens. Additional laying boxes can be purchased.

Assembly Requirements:

These coops are very simple to put together and come with detailed, illustrated instructions. You’ll need just 2 adjustable spanners and a Philips-head screwdriver.

Delivery Time:

This coop is made to order and are dispatched approximately 1 week after an order has been placed.

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