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Breeding Your Own Chickens? This Brooder Will Keep Them Safe And Snug In Those Early Weeks!

The brooder could easily hold 20 day old chicks. As the chicks get older they will take up more space and by 6 weeks 6 chickens would comfortably be housed. 

Ideal for people who hatch chickens in an incubator and would continually like to raise chickens on an ongoing basis.

If your young chicks aren’t warm you can easily loose them in temperature coolness of the night or day. This way, there is no sadness for the everyone by the chickens not dying or becoming weak - they are assured of a happy healthy start to life.


  • 100 watt light globe for warmth
  • Clear see-through sides and top
  • 2 handles for easy carrying


  • 30cm (H) x 60cm (W) x 60cm (L)
  • 35mm handles


  • Price is for the Brooder box only.

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